Carrying a Gun, Open Carry

For those of you who don’t know what “open carry” means. It means that by law as long as you have the proper licenses you can carry a gun as long as it is visible. For example you can carry a pistol on a waist holster. To me, no matter what the constitution says about right to bear arms this is a very Bad thing. How would you like to be walking through the grocery store and come across a guy who has a gun on his hip, don’t you think this would Diamondback Firearms make your feel uncomfortable. My question is “why is this even necessary”? I don’t understand the need to carry a piece of equipment used only to kill someone, yes we all have rights but police carry guns, because they work in a very unfriendly environment, I carry a gun in my job because I work security and also am in an unfriendly environment. What is the chance of Joe Shmo finding himself in a situation where he is legally justified to kill someone is very unlikely. On top of that the chances of him/her properly handing their weapon under such stressful circumstances is very unlikely and more likely they will have it taken away and used against them.

OK, yes we have the right to protect ourselves, but I think more people who will carry guns do it just on principle because they can. Just because we can do something does not mean we should do something. I would be willing to bet money that they have no clue on what the laws are for deadly force. This puts law enforcement in a horrible position and creates an unsafe environment even more unsafe.

It is also creating law problems because more than one police chief in my area has openly said that officers will stop you and ask for your permits. The problem this poses is that they are possibly violating that one person’s rights unless they have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to make the stop. Just because he/she has a gun is not Probable cause since he has a lawful right to do that.

I work armed security and this is making officers very nervous because at night clubs when we know gang members in the area we know there are guns around in cars parked in lots and driving by. If someone walks up to us and displays a gun there is a very good chance there will be an armed confrontation.

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